How do I add friends?

Hmmm…. you would think this would be easy wouldn’t you?  Well it’s not and it seems to also depend whether you are playing via PC/Browser or on an iPad! See below for a couple of ways that may work

  • If the potential friend is in our Alliance (e.g. you see them in Alliance chat) then first of all go to Alliance / Members and then search name. This is easiest option but doesn’t always work for some reason.
  • If  above doesn’t work, then an option that seems to work on iPad is :
    • Ask them for their Account ID  which they get from “Options” if on iPad or “Account” if using PC/browser (it is a 7 digit number )
    • Select Friends / Add Friend – and enter their Account ID in the search bar.
  • If they are using PC/browser this may not work (sometimes Add Friend is not visible) however there is another way…


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