Upcoming Challenges

Dear Lords and Ladies,

Alliance Challenges will be open tomorrow . Please note the time below. Braving the Green Water goes REALLY fast, so please be on time if you can.

Date: 6/26 (Thursday)

Braving the Green Water: 9pm UK (4pm EST, 1pm PST)

Fire at the Arsenal: 9pm UK (4pm EST, 1pm PST)

Bat Phase Objective and Strategy


Golden Trade – Most number of barters in Westerlands


***UPDATE*** A sabotage camp has been setup in Golden Tooth. This is only so that we can have more garrison FOR BARTERS¬†(and some VP boost). Please continue sending out barters only, DO NOT ¬†go crazy with sabo!! For sabo spoils, please convert your Thunder spoils first before going on a hunt (do this at the Alchemist’s Guild). When spoils are needed for camp upgrade, sabo attacks may be send out to alliances with zero VP (all the way at the bottom). This is really the only time where sabotage should be used.¬†***

All 3 camps are up in Westerlands. River Road camp is locked at level 5, please focus your provisions on Gold Road camp.


(if you’re new to AVA, please see the “how-to” at the end)

Until further notice, please only send out BARTER actions (or an occasional spy). Other actions do nothing to advance our goal, and in many cases a failed attacking action causes damage/loss of silver to our own camp. DO NOT use FIGHT/SWINDLE/STEAL unless you have the explicit go-ahead from an officer.

With the new AVA party system, it’s easier than ever to send out ava actions en mass. Since even a failed barter action counts toward total number of barters, please feel free to use non-trade specialized SS. You can even use a naked level 1 common SS. There is absolutely NO negative consequence to a failed barter, and any barter send out through AVA will help us get closer to our goal.

One final note about AVA actions.¬†The effect of any AVA action sent out will take place at the camp where the¬†action is targeted, and not where the action is originated. For example, if your¬†SS is garrisoned in River Road camp and you send him on a barter mission to another alliance’s Gold Road camp, our Gold Road camp will get the silver.

How to Garrison

Click Camp -> Select a camp you’d like to garrison -> Click Garrison -> Select an SS

You MUST garrison SS before any action can be taken. Each garrison cost 1 command point. You may garrison multiple SS up to the maximum amount allowable by the camp level.




How to send out group actions

Click War Map -> Select the Westerlands -> Select a target alliance -> Go -> Choose a target camp then click “All” -> Choose “Barter”Image



If you see the target camp as No Known Camp, that means we do not have any information about the enemy camp, and they may or may not have a camp there.

If you see the target camp as Unidentified Camp, that means they do have a camp there but we do not have any information.

Successful spy actions will reveal the camp information.

Challenges requested to start early (avoid clash with AvA as much as possible)

Ok there appear to be two more challenges ready. There seems to have been some talk overnight about an early morning (UK) or evening NZ time kick off as well as a request yesterday for a tea time start (UK) so that some this side of. Atlantic can get more than one set of actions in before bedtime :-).


propose open  Wildlings now (if Aegon not already done) and. Shadowcat at 5:30-6:00 pm UK time

Update on Challenges (latest as of Sunday 15th June 09:55 pm UK time)

OK guys ,well that Battle spoils quest was a b***h – took a while to complete but hopefully everyone had chance to join.

No surprise about the winners but perhaps the prizes were not as great as would have hoped

It is proposed to give the  normal approx 24 hours notice for the 4 challenges  launch over an extended period of time Monday.  

Therefore the proposed schedule is as follows:

  • Braving the Green Waters¬†–9:30pm¬†UK time Monday¬†16th¬†June¬†( or¬†4:30¬†pm EST)
  • Slavers Bay Race –¬†¬†–9:30pm¬†UK time Monday¬†16th¬†June¬†( or¬†4:30¬†pm EST)
  • Kingsroad Ambush¬†¬†–10:30¬†pm¬†UK time¬†Monday¬†16th June¬†(or¬†5:30 pm EST)
  • Fire at the Arsenal –¬†–10:30¬†pm¬†UK time¬†Monday¬†16th June¬†(or¬†5:30 pm EST)

Goal for Bat Phase

First of all, congratulations to us all on a successful Thunder Phase. Thanks so much for everyone’s effort. Even though we did not get our target rewards, we placed #51 overall, which is an achievement in itself.

For the upcoming Bat phase, I feel we need to have a even more focused goal. Our efforts in Thunder were divided amongst 3 targets, and as a result we did not achieve any. So let’s try and focus on a single target. The following are a few possible target rewards, please vote for the one you like the best!

NEWSFLASH! The nasty smelly Targs are no more!!

Hey guys in case you didnt know , our mortal enemy is no more! It has ceased to be, it has gone to join the choir invisible , it is ……. an ex enemy!!

They have completely disbanded their alliance (after renaming ) and removed any sign of their existence within the Thunder phase regions. They did have a small sting in the tail as their mass cowardly exodus left our honorable  Lord Linus in position where 32 of his SS were then inadvertently trapped in the aether! Thankfully all have now returned safely.

We should not drop our guard however , as they may re-surface in another guise and seek retribution in future AvA or even as dastardly PtP attacks !

Keep your eyes open for any signs of Level 510+ Lord Mordraug

NEWSFLASH!! Our Mortal enemy has changed name and it makes a statement!

All Alliance members I bring you news of something, which when you consider the implications I think should be taken as a mark of respect in one way!

Let me remind you of the history between our two Alliances(Winter is Coming II and THE LAST TAGAREYEN FIRE BREATH DRAGONS – or stinky Targs as they were known)

  • Early in Thunder phase they launched a sneaky and unprovoked huge wave of attacks on our camps in Dorne, causing significant damage and death amongst our comrade sworn swords
  • We eventually decided on a co-ordinated justifiable retaliatory attack wave to try to make our point.
  • We then collectively decided that we would ease off and revert to small scale (typical neutral alliance) attack strategy
  • However despite providing them with respite, what did they do? Launch further significant attacks again threatening the lives of our fellows!
  • We called them enemy and so began the Long Winter Campaign – wave after wave of sabotage attacks on Dorne
  • But wait….. our enemy was strong (many level 400 and 500 members) and they reverted to guerrilla tactics , leaving their Dorne camps damaged and un-garrisoned BUT launching multiple Fight & Swindle raids on Deep Sands and Greenblood
  • They also launched several personal PtP attacks on a few WiCII members ¬†(boo! hiss!)
  • So we conspired and sought out their other realms and we found them craven cowards camped in the Crownlands- Muahahahaha!
  • So began the sneak attack of all sneak attacks as we hit them hard in the Crownlands (oooh painful!)


So what is new Lords and Ladies ? The Targs are NO More!! They have changed their name to I HATE THE WINTER .

I say to you all take this as a Triumph for our alliance that we have driven these craven vagabonds to the point they must think about us as they sleep and have marked them so deeply they have to shout it from the highest rooftops!

New Plan of Attack Against the Last of Targaryans

**UPDATE** We are launching our assault at¬†5:00 pm EST (10:00 pm UK) against the targs in¬†Crownlands (rank #20). It will be a concerted assault against their main camp, with the aim of causing maximum damage AND SS casualty. The first wave will hit their Blackwater¬†camp. At the same time an small army of spies will be dispatched to all 3 camps giving us information about their vulnerabilities and strengths. We will decide where to send our¬†following waves based on this information. We will send both¬†SWINDLE¬†and¬†FIGHT¬†to enemy camps. Please use both camps for maximum garrison (should allow around 15 SS per player). As stated below, we are using Crownlands’ camps only as launching points for attack, and we expect them to be at high damage from both enemy attacks and our own failed attacks. Once the attacks are over, please DO NOT leave your SS garrisoned overnight! They WILL get killed by enemy retaliations.

(P.S. Don’t be scared to garrison and send out attacks! Because your attacking SS cannot be called to defend, so they won’t take any wound from enemy attacks so¬†long as you don’t leave them sitting in the camp)


The targs have abandoned camp at Dorne, but this didn’t stop them from being a pain in the you know what. They have launched multiple waves of fight attacks against our Deep Sand Camp. Since their own camp is already at 100% damage, they feel they can attack with impunity. Even though we were able to repulse most of the attacks, those that were hit had crippled our silver reserve. Therefore, we are now forced to take the fight to them.

We have located their main camp in the Crownlands (Rank #20). We will take a page right out of their playbook and launch fight and swindle attacks from 2 new bases at Blackwater and Crackclaw point. We will not care if these 2 camps get attack or damaged, so please do not garrison SS overnight. Think of them only as launching points for our actions against the targs. Right now, we are still in the construction phase, so please DO NOT alert our enemy of our plan by attacking them yet! We hope be able to get them to level 3 or 4 within a day. Please stay tuned for more details on the upcoming assault. For now please ONLY send barters to the top alliances in Crownlands.

We¬†understand this will certainly be a¬†distraction from our main goals (Barter Westerland, Aid The Reach and Sabotage in Dorne) but it was felt that we needed to be able to make a point that they could not continue their tactics with impunity. So¬†let’s still keep doing as much barter/aid/sabo as we can for rest of the phase.