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New King’s Gift – Wild Mammoth

For limited time DB is giving away a Wild Mammoth (Companion 17/17/17 3% faster quest/adventure!!) for free. Just follow the link and copy&paste the offer code into the “offer code” button on the lower left corner of the shop.

Kings Gift

This is the additional change that was promised along with the Loyalty Awards and relates to promo codes etc.

at the moment only works for browser edition, and code will expire shortly (iOS version will be here soon), thanks to LM for letting me know.



Beginner Tips: GoTA (and help for new reincarnates!)

Welcome to the Winter is Coming alliance, Game of Thrones Ascent, or both! Let’s get you on the way to taking over Westeros. Below are some quick info and tips for how to defeat your enemies and hear the lamentation of their women.¬†For those that have a good grasp on the basics, skip below to the tips.

Beginning Anew – The Basics

Wow… so many buttons! Fortunately there are just a few basics that are necessary to get your holdings up and humming like a well oiled machine. The prologue is okay at explaining what things are, so I recommend if you haven’t completed that, you do so.

Your Character

Your character is the central element of both your gameplay and the story. Character stats are primarily derived from your selected background (don’t worry about this, this is a negligible¬†part of your stats) and from upgrades made to your holdings.

Ex. Character with stats

Character stats

Sword Swords

Sworn swords are the soldiers that you will send out to complete any action in Westeros. They are the primary drivers for quests, adventures, player to player actions, challenges, and boss quests. Statistics for who will win between you vs the story (quests) or you vs another player (PtP) are taken from the sum of your stats and those of the chosen sworn sword with any bonuses applied.

Example for Sword Sword “Ser Michael”:

Character statistics:

  • 3 battle
  • 3 trade
  • 3 intrigue

Sworn Sword “Ser Michael”‘s statistics:

  • 2 battle
  • 4 trade
  • 2 intrigue

Attacks Categories:

  • 3 + 2 = 5 battle (fight, harass, aid)
  • 3 + 4 = 7 trade (barter, swindle, bribe)
  • 3 + 2 = 5 intrigue (spy, sabotage, steal)

In the example above, a trade attack would be the most likely to succeed because it has the highest score. This is evident in the graphic represented which shows how likely you are to succeed at an action. Green is chance of success. Orange is chance of failure.

Ex.¬†sworn sword initiating a “Fight” action against a quest.

ss screenshot

321 is the attacker. 103 is the defender.

Attacker divided by attacker plus defender * 100 is the percent chance of success. i.e.

321/(321+103) *100 = 75.7% chance of success as shown in the green vs orange bar.

Tips for Early Game

Enough with the explanation! I want to make money and kill things!

First, let’s discuss how to get your economy running and silver pouring in.

  • Once you go through the prologue you will have at least one Sworn Sword. Use him or her to power through the first few quests to get enough silver to purchase a second and possibly third Sworn Sword.¬† Don’t try to get the great ones. Get the cheap ones (1200 silver)¬†early as they level up pretty fast. Sometimes you can be running 3-4 quests in parallel and not having a single Sworn Sword as a choke point can greatly increase income.
  • Upgrade your counting house. The investment early easily pays itself off within a day or two and from then on, you can wake up to 5000(!!) silver just waiting on you to collect every night.
  • Join any and all alliance challenges that come up. These can reward up to 600+¬†silver.
  • Ask alliance members to barter you. Barter raises the silver of both the attacker and defender regardless of who “wins.” Everyone wins. This silver can be a massive jump start to a new noble’s holdings.

Second, let’s get some resources.

  • Resources come from all types of quests, adventures, and your holdings. The best and most sure way to start pumping out resources is to use your Village Center. From here, you can select a variety of resources to create for¬†no cost.
  • Once you have more Sworn Swords than there are quests available, make use of adventure parties (more on these in another post) to send out multiple swords that will come back with more experience and some nice loot.
  • Keep your Village Center producing something or upgrading at all times. ¬†Since production is free, the more resources you can get for free, the better. These will come in handy later.

Third, gold for nothing. Chicks for free.

  • If you log in for seven consecutive days and grab the daily rewards, the seventh day will give you “premium” gold for free.

Last, steal from the commoners. They deserve it. ūüôā

  • Invite some other low level players outside of your alliance to be “friends.”
  • Once you have some stats and your PtP immunity has worn off, you will want to start sending out PtP actions that fight/swindle/steal against the¬†players you sent friend requests to before, preferably those outside of the alliance. Look for low level players or those that have a banner with a ? mark (meaning inactive) for greatly increased success chances.

Thanks for reading.

-House Soltice

Boss (or Challenge) Quest

Occasionally story quest missions come up which are different to the normal ones, having between 3 and 5 stages with an overall time limit and damage amount to complete successfully. These are the Boss or Challenge Quests!

If proving too tough, you can invite friends to help using the Add (or Invite) to War Party. This is quite straightforward, ¬†select the “Invite to War party” on iPad or “Add to Party” in Browser (see screenshots below) and then ¬†select one or more of your Friends to invite

iPad Boss or Challenge Quest initiate

iPad Boss or Challenge Quest initiate

Browser Boss or Challenge quest Add friends

Browser Boss or Challenge quest Add friends

**Browser version has one further option ūüôā see the URL in the box (starts http) , copy and paste this in Chat window – friends can then copy and paste into any Browser , ta da! I believe that they will probably still then have to check for invite in quest log (see below) as it won’t take them directly into quest.**

Your friend should get an invite (they should check in Messages, and then check Quests) and once they accept the mission, it should pop up on their mission list (icon shows as a bow with crossed arrows).

“yeah, but when I accept, I never get to see the mission!! ?

Has this happened to you……? Well ‘its likely to be one of two reasons:

  • Sorry , you’re too late! The quest has been completed without your help ūüė¶ ¬†and this can happen if you didn’t spot invite quick enough and/or the Sworn¬†Swords already involved, cause so much damage, it’s completed in super-quick time.
  • The quest is still ongoing BUT it is in a different Volume than the one shown on your screen. Have a look at the other volumes (I to IV including that strange one between III and IV) . This looks different on iPad and the Browser versions (see screenshots below)
iPad quest layout (shows 2 Boss Quests on Level "You")

iPad quest layout (shows 2 Boss Quests on Level “You”)

Browser: g#finding the Boss Quest invites

Browser: g#finding the Boss Quest invites


OK , you have accepted the invite and found the quest and entered and selected your SS. What now?

Simple,  you should see options for actions (usually 1 from each skill e.g. Fight, Swindle, Spy), choose your best option and select. You start with 5 actions and recover one action every 3 minutes. The quest normally has 3 to 5 stages and you (or your War party) need to cause sufficient damage and finish within allowed time (usually 24 hours РI think).

iPad Boss Quest screen layout

iPad Boss Quest screen layout

Browser - Boss quest actions

Browser – Boss quest actions



Adding Friends?

How do I add friends?

Hmmm…. you would think this would be easy wouldn’t you?¬† Well it’s not and it seems to also depend whether you are playing via PC/Browser on an iPad. See below for a couple of ways that may work

  • If in our Alliance (e.g. you see them in Alliance chat) then first of all go to Alliance / Members and then search name. This is easiest option but doesn’t always work for some reason.
  • If¬† above doesn’t work, then an option that seems to work on iPad is :
    • Ask them for their Account ID¬† which they get from “Options” if on iPad or “Account” if using PC/browser (it is a 7 digit number )
    • Select Friends / Add Friend – and enter their Account ID in the search bar.
  • If they are using PC/browser this may not work (sometimes Add Friend is not visible) however there is another way…



Hi everyone!

As a number of other alliances have created blogs we thought it might be a good idea to follow suit.

Primary aim:

  • to post helpful general information and answers to the most frequently asked questions on the ‘Alliance Chat’.

Secondary aims:

  • possibly try to provide some organisation regarding Alliance V Alliance (AvA) phases
  • advance notification for Alliance Challenges to give fair chance for everyone to contribute

The plan is for me (Rhea Cae) and Valleyn Poole to look after this blog initially and then to hand the reigns on to willing and more competent volunteers :D. But participation/suggestions are welcome from everyone!

Neither of us have written blogs before and we are no GoTA experts so please bear with us ūüôā