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Goal for the next AVA

Please cast your vote for the main goal of our next AVA phase!


Please see the details about stage I of the upcoming AVA:

We will likely construct all 3 types of camps in 1 region. Please continue to stockpile provisions for all 3 types of camps (battle, trade, intrigue). We will need a lot of militias/traders/eavesdroppers, as well as all types of siege engines. Please see the table below for the provisions needed for each camp.


trade camps

intrigue camp

Battle Plans Against the Last of Targaryans

The votes are in! We overwhelmingly voted for a harsh response against the The LAST OF TARGARYENS FIRE BREATH DRAGON (what a terrible name… they shall henceforth be only known as the  “targs”)

Since we have a pretty even split between Cunning (feigning retreat, then hit back with sabo) and the Old Way (Scorch Earth Policy), I will make an executive decision to go for Cunning. This is because,

  1. We want to focus on our goal for the Thunder phase, that is deal most number of sabotages in Dorne.
  2. With less than anticipated participation, we are stretched quite thin in Dorne. Strategically abandon 1 camp will let us focus on the remaining 2 camps, which means less SS killed in the future.
  3. With Red Mountain un-garrisoned and highly damaged, it will act like a decoy and draw enemy attacks away from our main camp. We can keep them thinking they are hurting us, while we sent them countless sabotages and work toward our AVA goal.

So, as of this moment, we are officially abandoning the Red Mountain camp and stopping further repais/upgrade. I will hold my garrison in the camp until 5 pm EST. (10PM UK, 2PM PST) so everyone who has SS there will have a chance to fall back to our other 2 camps. Laday Harya, would you please communicate this plan on MoTD as you see fit. We will also have to upgrade our Greenblood camp to level 4 or even higher, to both accommodate SS coming in from Red Mountain and to increase the Sabotage camp bonus.

But do not worry, we are not giving up. Far from it. Because at 5 pm EST (10 p UK), we will hit them and we will hit them HARD. Let us organize a coordinated Sabotage assault against their camp at Deep Sands. We want to concentrate as much attack in as short amount of time as possible to deal maximum damage on their garrison SS. Please comment below if you have a reasonably high intrigue (>100) and would like to join the assault!


AvA Guidelines for Thunder Phase


Our goal for Thunder phase is to obtain the following rewards (in no particular order):

  • Destruction: Most number of Sabotages in Dorne
  • Helping Hands: Highest amount of Aid provide to camps in the Reach
  • Gold Trade: Most number of Barters in the Westerlands


To achieve our goal, we have constructed 9 war camps in our 3 target regions. We are focusing our upgrades to only ONE primary camp in each region. These are:

  • Deep Sands in Dorne
  • The Mander in the Reach
  • Golden Tooth in Westerlands

Please upgrade the primary camps as much as possible. But please DO NOT upgrade the other camps above level 4.


In Thunder phase, each player can garrison multiple Sworn Swords(SS) in a war camp. And all attacks must come from SS garrisoned in a war camp in that region.

If you are not sure where to garrison, then garrison according to your strongest character base stat.

If your main stat is Battle

  1. Garrison in the Reach and launch Aid actions against other neutral/friendly alliances in the region
  2. If your battle stat is high (around 250 or above), garrison Fighters and Skirmishers in other camps to defend against enemy Fight and Harass.

If your main stat is Trade

  1. Garrison in Westerlands and launch Barter actions against other neutral/friendly alliances in the region.
  2. Garrison & launch barters from camps in other regions that still require silver for upgrade. Please focus on the primary camps, Golden Tooth, Mander, and Deep Sands.
    *Note, the camp you TARGET is the camp that gains silver, even if your SS was not garrisoned in that camp. (ie. Your SS from River Road barters another alliance’s Golden Tooth camp, our Golden Tooth camp will gain silver.)

If your main stat is Intrigue

  1. Garrison in Dorne and launch Sabotage actions against other neutral/enemy alliances in the region.
  2. Send out Spies to enemy camps where needed.
  3. If your intrigue stat is high (around 250 or above), garrison Thieves and Saboteurs in other camps to defend against enemy Steals and Sabotages.

One last thing about upgrading camps, DO NOT SPEND SILVER TO UPGRADE UNLESS ALL OTHER MATERIALS HAVE BEEN PROVISIONED! Silver can easily be lost to enemy attacks, so keep them in your pockets until the camp is ready to upgrade. When you see a camp is ready to upgrade but you don’t have the funds, don’t hesitate to asked on the alliance chat, many of us can help. And don’t forget about Buster. A number of us have access to his account, and can use his reserve funds for camp upgrade/repair!

How to Garrison?

Click Camp -> Select a camp you’d like to garrison -> Click Garrison



How to Send Out Actions?

Click War Map -> Select the region where you are garrisoned (Westerlands, Reach, Dorne) -> Select a target alliance -> Go


If you see the target camp as No Known Camp, that means we do not have any information about the enemy camp, and they may or may not have a camp there.

If you see the target camp as Unidentified Camp, that means they do have a camp there but we do not have any information.

Successful spy actions will reveal the camp information.

Supplies Needed

Hi all

We’ve put together a spreadsheet to try and get an idea of how stockpiling for the camp upgrades has been going for the Thunder phase which will be starting shortly.

If you have hotmail or are able to access excel online by another means, let me know your email address and I’ll share this with you, so you can complete. Please do not put your email address in the comments – send me a raven on GoTA!

If you have excel on your PC you can download the spreadsheet to complete it and then send it to me so I can update the master version (please ask me for my email address via raven).

If you are unable to access excel, please take a look at the items required and then let me know what you think you will be supplying in the comments 🙂

If anyone can think of an easier way to get this filled in, please let us know!


p.s when commenting please put your player name 🙂

New Thunder Phase Details and Updated Strategy Proposal

New Thunder Phase Details Released

New details have been released by DisruptorBeam. You may read it at their website:

It’s bit of a read, so I will try to highlight couple of important points,

Camp Details

  • Level 1 camp holds 750 SS, Level 20 (MAX) holds 6000 SS per camp.
  • Upgrade requirements have been scaled according to the average participation level of the last 3 phases. We are in Tier 4, therefore our upgrade requirements will increase (albeit slightly) compared to previous phases.

Camp Defense Logic

  • SS will be still be randomly chosen, but the % of specialized vs random are tweaked.

50% of the time, a random defender specialized in the specific type of attack will be chosen. This defender will not be the highest-value Sworn Sword, just the same specialization. For example, a Fight attack would look for Vanguard-specialized defenders.

50% of the time, a random defender from any of the three specializations for that attack type will be chosen. For example, a Fight attack would look for Vanguards, Skirmishers, or Protectors.

If no appropriate defenders can be found, a random defender is chosen from the garrison.

  • SS will NOT be chosen for defense when they are on an attacking action. So more aggressive we are, the less defended our camps will be.


Updated Strategy

Before discussing strategy, let’s take a look at the camp upgrade requirements for previous phases

For Battle camps (Aid/Harass/Fight)


For Trade Camps (Barter/Swindle/Bribe)


Intrigue Camps (Spy/Sabotage/Steal)



As you can probably see, it is extremely difficult to achieve max camp level. (Remember, tier 4 requirement for Thunder is even HIGHER than these). But the good news is, we don’t actually NEED our camps to be at maximum, because we are not going for Victory Points!!

Here is how I see it. Since we are going for maximum actions in a certain region. We certainly want to have as many SS garrisoned as possible, thus maximize the number of AVA actions. A quick look at the above requirements, it seems to me that a level 4 camp can be achieved with ease (no need for spoils). That would allow us to garrison about 1500 SS per camp (assuming linear correlation between # SS and camp level). A level 8 camp can also be achieved with reasonable effort. At level 8, we can garrison roughly 2500 SS per camp .

So in light of the new information, here is what I propose:

PHASE I – Basic Construction

1. Construct 9 camps in our target regions from Day One.

  • 3 Aid camps in the Reach
  • 3 Barter camps in the Westerland
  • 3 Sabotage camps in Dorne

2. Upgrade all 9 camps to level 4. This requires the following for all 9 camps

cloth 180
grains 90
smallfolk 90
wood 180
fur 270
horses 180
stone 405
ore 360
fish 315
milk of poppy 21
Fingerless gloves 21
red Gems 63
daggers 21
shortbows 21
leather bound book 21
silver chain 21

Phase II – Primary Camps

Now that our 9 base camps are relatively well fortified, we will shift our focus on getting only primary camp in each region to as high a level as possible. Just to keep things simple, I arbitrarily chose the following camps to be our primary camps.

  • The Mander in Reach
  • River Road in Westerlands
  • Greenblood in Dorne

My rationale behind focusing only on 1 camp at this point is simple logistic. It is not realistic to expect high levels on all 9 camps. We just have to pick and choose where to fight our battles. I am fully confident that even with one upgraded primary camp, we will have enough room for everyone to garrison their SS. A quick calculation,

ONE level 8 camp plus TWO level 4 can hold 4000 SS. If we allow on average 30 command points per player, that would give us over 130 players per region. With 3 regions, we can hold just under 400 players (30 CP each) or 12,000 command points (average command point per alliance is only 500 CP according to disruptorbeam’s official data). And I fully expect we can upgrade our primary camp beyond level 8.

How Can You Contribute?

Right now

I will reiterate what Solstice eloquently stated in his previous posts. START MAKING PROVISIONING MATERIALS NOW!! 

  • Start with basic raw materials we need for PHASE I – They are easy to obtain from village center or your fealty house. Please start stockpile them now so hopefully we can get every camp to level 4 in a day or two.
  • Next produce Traders/Militias/Eavesdroppers – We need A LOT of them. They can be produced from Market/Smithy/Embassy for free.
  • Then move down the upgrade list and produce other weapons/armors/cloaks as needed. (Note: Leather Bound Book can be purchased from the shop)

Once the phase starts

Lady Harya promised to open our 9 base camps right away. It is vital that we focus on our target actions! Again,

  • Aids only in the Reach
  • Barters only in the Westerlands
  • Sabotage only in Dorne

Please garrison your SS according to your fealty’s strength. For example, if you are a Baratheon, then focus on aids in the Reach, if you are a Targaryan, then focus on Sabotages in Dorne. Let’s try to keep it clean. Do NOT unnecessarily provoke other alliances. (Of course there will probably be a lot of retaliation attacks against our camps in Dorne, but that cannot be helped). Let’s keep our eyes on the prize and don’t get distracted by random attacks from other alliances.

One last thing about upgrading camps, DO NOT SPEND SILVER TO UPGRADE UNLESS ALL OTHER MATERIALS HAVE BEEN PROVISIONED! Silver can easily be lost to enemy attacks, so keep them in your pockets until the camp is ready to upgrade. When you see a camp is ready to upgrade but you don’t have the funds, don’t hesitate to asked on the alliance chat, many of us can help. And don’t forget about Buster. A number of us have access to his account, and can use his reserve funds for camp upgrade/repair!


Thanks for taking the time to read this!! Please let me know if you have any suggestions or if anything is unclear.

– Theodan

Thunder AvA Camp Construction (House Solstice Take)

I saw some discussion in alliance chat about whether we should build all the camps or just build one in each region in order to focus the resources on building those camps quickly. With the objectives that we are trying to achieve, it will yield better results if we build all camps in all regions but direct the focus of the alliance to those camps that we deem priority. We should also stack battle in the Reach, stack trade in the Westerlands, and stack Intrigue camps in Dorne. Here’s why:

  • In order to launch an action from a sworn sword, the sworn sword must be garrisoned in a camp. Since the number of sword swords one can garrison in a camp is limited, more camps = more garrisoned sworn swords = more actions.
  • Actions are required in order to win the prizes we are shooting for (most X in Y region).
  • Actions are required in order to receive spoils. Once a camp reaches a certain level, spoils are required to upgrade.
  • All camps, even at the first level, provide a bonus to the effectiveness of actions in terms of bonuses to both the base and percent. i.e. a hypothetical level 2 camp will add 5/5/10 where 10 is the camp primary stat (like battle if it is a fight camp.) on top of the +x% to fight.
  • Resources to upgrade higher level camps are a different set than those needed to upgrade the lower level camps.

I would say that our biggest challenge will be to get everyone on the same page. We should post the three regions we are focusing on along with the actions we want done in those regions on the Message of the Day along with a link to the blog with the most recent AvA strategy.

Westerlands = Most Barter Actions (Direct to # of actions correlation)

Dorne = Most Damage By Sabotage

Reach = Most Aid Actions (Direct to # of actions correlation)

Once the alliance phase has begun, we will begin tallying the resistance level of opposing camps (especially of enemies) and we should keep a running list of where to attack and the stats associated with those camps so when we look at the blog we see:


Rise of the Targaryens – 121 overall – Attack Gold Tooth, trade defense is 45-65
Winter isn’t coming – 200 overall – Attack River Road, trade defense is 12


Please make sure to spam the blog on the alliance chat so everyone can see what we are going for. The more people we can get sending out the right actions in the right places, the easier winning this will be.


Thanks for reading,

House Solstice

Thunder Moon Phase AvA Strategy





Summary of Camps

Thunder AvA Objectives


Main objectives are as follows:

Priority #1: Barter in Westerlands (Trade Action)

Priority #2: Sabotage in Dorne (Intrigue Action)

Priority #3: Aid in Reach (Battle Action)

Preparation for AvA


In the regions highlighted above, please stack the camp types for the type of attack we are attempting to win the prize for. I.e. all camps in Westerlands = Trade, all camps in Dorne = Intrigue, all camps in Reach = Battle. Stacking will allow us to use the massive camp bonuses during actions.


Stock up on Sword Swords, Nettle Poultice (to heal wounds, make at the R’hillor Temple), and Gear for your sworn swords.


The items needed to upgrade each camp type are listed below. For items and companions, they are listed from HIGHEST FREQUENCY NEEDED FOR UPGRADE to LOWEST. The items that appear first will be needed both FIRST and MORE OFTEN.


Battle Camps:

Resources: Cloth, Grains, Smallfolk, Wood, Fur, Horse, Stone, Ore, Fish, Iron (all)

Items: Dagger, Shortbow, Red Gem, Blue Gem, Decorative Blade, Wood Shield, Halfhelm, Short Bow, Doublet, Broadsword, Splintmail, Barred Helm, Jerkin, Metal Shield, Composite Bow

Companions: Militia, Bowmen, Archer, Shield Bearer, Ladder, Ram, Siege Tower


Intrigue Camps:

Resources: Cloth, Grains, Smallfolk, Wood, Fur, Horse, Stone, Ore, Fish, Iron (all)

Items: Fingerless Gloves, Milk of the Poppy, Red Gem, Blue Gem, Decorative Blade, Roughspun Cloak, Linen Clothing, Blindeye, Satin Cloak, Guard’s Uniform, Dreamwine

Companions: Eavesdropper, Saboteur,  Courtesan, Assassin, Turtle, Scorpion, Spitfire


Trade Camps:

Resources: Cloth, Grains, Smallfolk, Wood, Fur, Horse, Stone, Ore, Fish, Iron (all)

Items: Leather Bound Book, Silver Chain, Silver Torc, Blue Gem, Parchment Scroll, Vellum Scroll, Lockbox, Gold Necklace,

Companions: Trader, Merchant, Cart, Wagon, Caravan, Mercer, Trebuchet, Catapult, Mangonel

Actions to Take During AvA

Select Alliance -> Camps, from here you can choose the camp to which you are contributing your resources and garrisoning your sworn swords. You can also see the current status of any built alliance camp.


 Send Sworn Swords on Sabotage Actions in Dorne

Send Sworn Swords on Barter Actions in the Westerlands

Send Sworn Swords on Aid Actions in the Reach

Be sure to keep your sworn swords alive if they are injured either attacking or defending with Nettle Poultice.

Summary of Camp Locations

The North:

 Westerlands: (BARTER OBJECTIVE)

 Iron Islands:







I, personally, think the Sabotage one will be the easiest to achieve, hopefully we can qualify for more than one prize 😉


Thanks for reading,

House Solstice

Important changes to AvA and Crafting

Hey guys , just checked out the Disruptor Beam website and noted that there some important changes coming including:

In a weeks time there’s gonna be a shorter Eel Phase 2 Blitz

From the following AvA phase (Thunder) you will only be able to launch AvA attacks from Garrisoned SS but you will be able to garrison more than 1 SS per player

Making changes to crafting – eg every time you fail at something like making wildfire or hatching dragon your chance of success next time goes up


To see all details check out the Link