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For the reincarnators out there!

Permanent Loot

Here’s some stuff I’ve gathered in the way of information. Other than the obsidian dagger, here are some things you can pick up and keep with you along the way:

Additional During Reincarnation Goals Special Requirements
Vol 1, Ch1 Bonus Honeycakes Hire 3 SS, Train SS 5 times
Vol 1, Epilogue Bonus Valyren Dagger Alignment @ 90%
Vol 2, Ch1 Bonus Pennyroyal 20 Friends
Vol 2, Ch4 Bread No
Vol 2, Ch5 Bonus Bacon Alignment @ 100%
Vol 2, Ch6 Bonus Pennyroyal No
Vol 2, Ch7 Bonus Pennyroyal Purchase 100 items
Vol 3, Ch10 Honeycakes No
Vol 3, Ch5 Bonus Honeycakes Win 800 adventures
Vol 3, Ch3 Bonus Honeycakes 500 quests, SS above lvl 30
Vol 3, Ch2 Bonus Honeycakes Level 110, 700 ptp, 650 boons
Vol 4, Ch10 Honeycakes No
Vol 4, Ch8 Honeycakes No
Vol 4, Ch1 (or 2?) 4 battle 1% speed fight seal (apply to perm SS or item before reincarnate) Finish Boss Quest
Vol 3, Ch2 (or 3?) 4 battle 1% speed fight seal (apply to perm SS or item before reincarnate) Finish Boss Quest
“Unwelcome Guests” BQ Reward Bread 1st place

Please note for the above that for BONUS REWARDS on quests you haven’t (or won’t) reach before reincarnation, you can select the volume AHEAD of that volume and click previous to go back through all the other volumes acts. In this way, you can obtain the bonus rewards for… say Vol 2, Ch 6 without ever getting to that chapter during your reincarnation.


Quest Timers

Link to site where you can see all 3 main quest lines in Vol for planning purposes:

Here’s the MAIN quest line (the one with Kirth) separated by name, number, and minutes without any speedups. You should only spend consumables (i.e. bread) on this one:


Neighboring Noble 1 15
Trading Goods and Secrets 2 30
A Prodigious Return 3 pass
March of King Robert 4 30
(A Sister’s Distress) 5
Echoes of Jon Arryn 6 120
Long Live the Hand 7 boss
Crows on the Tower 8 45
Jaws of the Beast 9 boss
Rumor and Jest 10 pass?
Whispers of Wedlock 11 120
Embers and Ice 12 120
Immodest Proposal 13 120
Trail of Blood 14 120
Hand’s Investigation 15 120
(Catelyn’s Folly) 16
Expecting Celebration 17 120
Crossroads 18 120
Stroll Down Kingsroad 19 120
Tourney of the Hand 20 120
The Sword Aflame 21 120
Steadfast 22 120
Underhanded 23 120
Lion’s Roar 24 120
Cradle of the Vale 25 120
Trial by Combat 26 240
Traveling Companion 27 120
Hand and Crown 28 240
Riverlands Raid 29 240
Against Enormity 30 pass
(A Golden [Crown)ing Disappointment] 31 120
Stag and Lion 32 240
Royal Conspiracy 33 pass
The Game Begins 34 240
King in the Kingswood 35 240
Testament 36 240
Too Rare for Ravens 37 240
Distant Words 38 pass
Heir to the Iron Throne 39 240
Word of a Child 40 300
The Bastard’s Hand 41 300
Rise of the North 42 300
Virulence and Vigilence 43 300
(Walker in Shadow) 44 120
Battle of Golden Tooth 45 boss
Siege of Riverrun 46 boss
Inn at the Crossroads 47 300
Rough Journey 48 300
Crossing the Trident 49 300
Whispering Wood 50 boss
(Whispering Wood) 51 300
Merciful Mother 52 300
Fate Delivered 53 pass
Prisoner of the Crown 54 270
Kingsguard Reforged 55 300
Bannerman’s Justice 56 300
Journey Home 57 300
A New Day, A New King 58 300
Fire in the North 59 300
Hand that Shapes the Crown 60 300
(Fealty Specific) 61 300
(Dragon’s Daughter) 62 300
Ice and Fire 63 pass


Thanks for reading,

House Solstice

Thunder AvA Camp Construction (House Solstice Take)

I saw some discussion in alliance chat about whether we should build all the camps or just build one in each region in order to focus the resources on building those camps quickly. With the objectives that we are trying to achieve, it will yield better results if we build all camps in all regions but direct the focus of the alliance to those camps that we deem priority. We should also stack battle in the Reach, stack trade in the Westerlands, and stack Intrigue camps in Dorne. Here’s why:

  • In order to launch an action from a sworn sword, the sworn sword must be garrisoned in a camp. Since the number of sword swords one can garrison in a camp is limited, more camps = more garrisoned sworn swords = more actions.
  • Actions are required in order to win the prizes we are shooting for (most X in Y region).
  • Actions are required in order to receive spoils. Once a camp reaches a certain level, spoils are required to upgrade.
  • All camps, even at the first level, provide a bonus to the effectiveness of actions in terms of bonuses to both the base and percent. i.e. a hypothetical level 2 camp will add 5/5/10 where 10 is the camp primary stat (like battle if it is a fight camp.) on top of the +x% to fight.
  • Resources to upgrade higher level camps are a different set than those needed to upgrade the lower level camps.

I would say that our biggest challenge will be to get everyone on the same page. We should post the three regions we are focusing on along with the actions we want done in those regions on the Message of the Day along with a link to the blog with the most recent AvA strategy.

Westerlands = Most Barter Actions (Direct to # of actions correlation)

Dorne = Most Damage By Sabotage

Reach = Most Aid Actions (Direct to # of actions correlation)

Once the alliance phase has begun, we will begin tallying the resistance level of opposing camps (especially of enemies) and we should keep a running list of where to attack and the stats associated with those camps so when we look at the blog we see:


Rise of the Targaryens – 121 overall – Attack Gold Tooth, trade defense is 45-65
Winter isn’t coming – 200 overall – Attack River Road, trade defense is 12


Please make sure to spam the blog on the alliance chat so everyone can see what we are going for. The more people we can get sending out the right actions in the right places, the easier winning this will be.


Thanks for reading,

House Solstice

Thunder Moon Phase AvA Strategy





Summary of Camps

Thunder AvA Objectives


Main objectives are as follows:

Priority #1: Barter in Westerlands (Trade Action)

Priority #2: Sabotage in Dorne (Intrigue Action)

Priority #3: Aid in Reach (Battle Action)

Preparation for AvA


In the regions highlighted above, please stack the camp types for the type of attack we are attempting to win the prize for. I.e. all camps in Westerlands = Trade, all camps in Dorne = Intrigue, all camps in Reach = Battle. Stacking will allow us to use the massive camp bonuses during actions.


Stock up on Sword Swords, Nettle Poultice (to heal wounds, make at the R’hillor Temple), and Gear for your sworn swords.


The items needed to upgrade each camp type are listed below. For items and companions, they are listed from HIGHEST FREQUENCY NEEDED FOR UPGRADE to LOWEST. The items that appear first will be needed both FIRST and MORE OFTEN.


Battle Camps:

Resources: Cloth, Grains, Smallfolk, Wood, Fur, Horse, Stone, Ore, Fish, Iron (all)

Items: Dagger, Shortbow, Red Gem, Blue Gem, Decorative Blade, Wood Shield, Halfhelm, Short Bow, Doublet, Broadsword, Splintmail, Barred Helm, Jerkin, Metal Shield, Composite Bow

Companions: Militia, Bowmen, Archer, Shield Bearer, Ladder, Ram, Siege Tower


Intrigue Camps:

Resources: Cloth, Grains, Smallfolk, Wood, Fur, Horse, Stone, Ore, Fish, Iron (all)

Items: Fingerless Gloves, Milk of the Poppy, Red Gem, Blue Gem, Decorative Blade, Roughspun Cloak, Linen Clothing, Blindeye, Satin Cloak, Guard’s Uniform, Dreamwine

Companions: Eavesdropper, Saboteur,  Courtesan, Assassin, Turtle, Scorpion, Spitfire


Trade Camps:

Resources: Cloth, Grains, Smallfolk, Wood, Fur, Horse, Stone, Ore, Fish, Iron (all)

Items: Leather Bound Book, Silver Chain, Silver Torc, Blue Gem, Parchment Scroll, Vellum Scroll, Lockbox, Gold Necklace,

Companions: Trader, Merchant, Cart, Wagon, Caravan, Mercer, Trebuchet, Catapult, Mangonel

Actions to Take During AvA

Select Alliance -> Camps, from here you can choose the camp to which you are contributing your resources and garrisoning your sworn swords. You can also see the current status of any built alliance camp.


 Send Sworn Swords on Sabotage Actions in Dorne

Send Sworn Swords on Barter Actions in the Westerlands

Send Sworn Swords on Aid Actions in the Reach

Be sure to keep your sworn swords alive if they are injured either attacking or defending with Nettle Poultice.

Summary of Camp Locations

The North:

 Westerlands: (BARTER OBJECTIVE)

 Iron Islands:







I, personally, think the Sabotage one will be the easiest to achieve, hopefully we can qualify for more than one prize 😉


Thanks for reading,

House Solstice

Beginner Tips: GoTA (and help for new reincarnates!)

Welcome to the Winter is Coming alliance, Game of Thrones Ascent, or both! Let’s get you on the way to taking over Westeros. Below are some quick info and tips for how to defeat your enemies and hear the lamentation of their women. For those that have a good grasp on the basics, skip below to the tips.

Beginning Anew – The Basics

Wow… so many buttons! Fortunately there are just a few basics that are necessary to get your holdings up and humming like a well oiled machine. The prologue is okay at explaining what things are, so I recommend if you haven’t completed that, you do so.

Your Character

Your character is the central element of both your gameplay and the story. Character stats are primarily derived from your selected background (don’t worry about this, this is a negligible part of your stats) and from upgrades made to your holdings.

Ex. Character with stats

Character stats

Sword Swords

Sworn swords are the soldiers that you will send out to complete any action in Westeros. They are the primary drivers for quests, adventures, player to player actions, challenges, and boss quests. Statistics for who will win between you vs the story (quests) or you vs another player (PtP) are taken from the sum of your stats and those of the chosen sworn sword with any bonuses applied.

Example for Sword Sword “Ser Michael”:

Character statistics:

  • 3 battle
  • 3 trade
  • 3 intrigue

Sworn Sword “Ser Michael”‘s statistics:

  • 2 battle
  • 4 trade
  • 2 intrigue

Attacks Categories:

  • 3 + 2 = 5 battle (fight, harass, aid)
  • 3 + 4 = 7 trade (barter, swindle, bribe)
  • 3 + 2 = 5 intrigue (spy, sabotage, steal)

In the example above, a trade attack would be the most likely to succeed because it has the highest score. This is evident in the graphic represented which shows how likely you are to succeed at an action. Green is chance of success. Orange is chance of failure.

Ex. sworn sword initiating a “Fight” action against a quest.

ss screenshot

321 is the attacker. 103 is the defender.

Attacker divided by attacker plus defender * 100 is the percent chance of success. i.e.

321/(321+103) *100 = 75.7% chance of success as shown in the green vs orange bar.

Tips for Early Game

Enough with the explanation! I want to make money and kill things!

First, let’s discuss how to get your economy running and silver pouring in.

  • Once you go through the prologue you will have at least one Sworn Sword. Use him or her to power through the first few quests to get enough silver to purchase a second and possibly third Sworn Sword.  Don’t try to get the great ones. Get the cheap ones (1200 silver) early as they level up pretty fast. Sometimes you can be running 3-4 quests in parallel and not having a single Sworn Sword as a choke point can greatly increase income.
  • Upgrade your counting house. The investment early easily pays itself off within a day or two and from then on, you can wake up to 5000(!!) silver just waiting on you to collect every night.
  • Join any and all alliance challenges that come up. These can reward up to 600+ silver.
  • Ask alliance members to barter you. Barter raises the silver of both the attacker and defender regardless of who “wins.” Everyone wins. This silver can be a massive jump start to a new noble’s holdings.

Second, let’s get some resources.

  • Resources come from all types of quests, adventures, and your holdings. The best and most sure way to start pumping out resources is to use your Village Center. From here, you can select a variety of resources to create for no cost.
  • Once you have more Sworn Swords than there are quests available, make use of adventure parties (more on these in another post) to send out multiple swords that will come back with more experience and some nice loot.
  • Keep your Village Center producing something or upgrading at all times.  Since production is free, the more resources you can get for free, the better. These will come in handy later.

Third, gold for nothing. Chicks for free.

  • If you log in for seven consecutive days and grab the daily rewards, the seventh day will give you “premium” gold for free.

Last, steal from the commoners. They deserve it. 🙂

  • Invite some other low level players outside of your alliance to be “friends.”
  • Once you have some stats and your PtP immunity has worn off, you will want to start sending out PtP actions that fight/swindle/steal against the players you sent friend requests to before, preferably those outside of the alliance. Look for low level players or those that have a banner with a ? mark (meaning inactive) for greatly increased success chances.

Thanks for reading.

-House Soltice

Alliance Challenge Overview

A rewarding and exciting portion of the later game content is Alliance Challenges. These quests, very similar in nature to boss quests, are opened by the alliance through contributing items. These items can be common or very rare, depending on the challenge. The rewards for these challenges make them well worth unlocking.

Tips regarding alliance challenges:

  • If you have the last item necessary to open a challenge, let the alliance know ahead of time. Because the rewards for challenges are substantial (such as 500+ silver and items that add +17 to more than one stat) all alliance players will benefit greatly just from joining.
  • Do not join a challenge with a sworn sword that you will need in the immediate future. Challenges can take hours and possibly days to complete.
  • Start the challenge when you, and others, have time to take it on. Since you have 5 actions that refresh at a rate of one action every 3 minutes, if you are present, actions can be taken frequently and aren’t “fire and forget” like long quests.
  • It is polite, though not necessary, to allow players to join when the challenge is nearing the end by holding off on attacks when in the last 1-2 measures of the third phase.

Alliance schedule for when we will be starting challenges will be announced in alliance chat, and we will work to keep upcoming challenges we intend to start in the Message of the Day or here on the blog.

Thank you for reading.

-House Solstice