Iron Bank Phase II Objective and Strategy

Please read over detailed Phase II update:



Destruction – Most number of sabotages in Dorne

Main Target: Black Dagger Brotherhood (#109 in Dorne)



During stage I of Iron Bank phase, we have constructed 3 camps in Dorne:

  • Sabotage camp at Deep Sands
  • Barter camp at Green Blood
  • Fight camp at Red Mountain

We will continue to upgrade all 3 camps during phase II. However, our upgrade effort should be focused on getting the sabotage camp to as high a level as possible.



All 3 camps will primarily be used for Sabotage actions! Please make use of all 3 camps when garrisoning your SS and send out Sabotages from all 3 camps.  Because sabotage is a harmful action, we expect heavy retaliation from the target alliance. Therefore, in order to minimize the number of enemies we have to deal with, please send concentrate our attacks to our mortal enemy Black Dagger Brotherhood (Rank around #109 in Dorne) See below for a guide on how to garrison and send out actions.

Barters should be sent out only when a camp needs silver for upgrade. When sending out barters, you may target the top-ranked alliance for the most amount of silver.

Please DO NOT send any other actions without approval from an officer! (An occasional spy is ok). The fight camp was constructed only to minimize provision overlap during upgrade. It may be used as a counter-attack launch point IF we go to war with another alliance. Other actions do nothing to advance our goal, and in many cases a failed attacking action causes damage/loss of silver to our own camp. DO NOT use FIGHT/SWINDLE/STEAL unless you have the explicit go-ahead from an officer.

Garrisoned SS

Because our camp will likely be under attack fairly often this phase, your SS may be called to defend an enemy attack. Please keep in mind, that we get strength from numbers. The more garrison we have they less likely any SS will be called to defend more than once. So let’s try to keep the garrison to all our camps as high as possible (especially our sabo camp). However, if you do see the garrison number becomes low (<100 ), and you will be offline for an extended time, you may want to ungarrison your SS.

This is how your SS might be called to defend an enemy action:

50% of the time, a random defender specialized in the specific type of attack will be chosen. This defender will not be the highest-value Sworn Sword, just the same specialization. For example, a Fight attack would look for Vanguard-specialized defenders.

50% of the time, a random defender from any of the three specializations for that attack type will be chosen. For example, a Fight attack would look for Vanguards, Skirmishers, or Protectors.

If no appropriate defenders can be found, a random defender is chosen from the garrison.

One final note about AVA actions. The effect of any AVA action sent out will take place at the camp where the action is targeted, and not where the action is originated. For example, if your SS is garrisoned in River Road camp and you send him on a barter mission to another alliance’s Gold Road camp, our Gold Road camp will get the silver.

How to Garrison

Click Camp -> Select a camp you’d like to garrison -> Click Garrison -> Select an SS

You MUST garrison SS before any action can be taken. Each garrison cost 1 command point. You may garrison multiple SS up to the maximum amount allowable by the camp level.




How to send out group actions

Click War Map -> Select a region-> Select a target alliance -> Go -> Choose a target camp then click “All” -> Choose an actionImage



If you see the target camp as No Known Camp, that means we do not have any information about the enemy camp, and they may or may not have a camp there.

If you see the target camp as Unidentified Camp, that means they do have a camp there but we do not have any information.

Successful spy actions will reveal the camp information.

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