Updated Inactive Member’s List

Hi guys, a new member’s inactive list has been created after some requests.


We could use some help in filling it out. The only systematic way to do it is to go through member’s list page by page ( Alliance -> Members). Please try to keep the names in order as they appear in the member’s page by keep clicking Next until you find the latest name of the inactive member, and then start filling it out from there.

A member is considered “inactive” when his/her house banner is replaced with a “?” and “No recent activity to display” under Recent Activity

P.S. Do not put inactive “Officers” on the list

One comment

  1. Inactive Member = No recent Activity, No Pacts, No increase in Power, then No Fealty banner on Profile PLUS No recent WiC II participation (Challenges, PtP, or AvA). Active Member = Display a banner, Play at least once a week, Post on Alliance Chat, Participate in WiC II

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